Ambra Nera (Black Amber)


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Product Description

Ambra Nera (Black Amber) is a spicy blend of exotic woods, warm and sensuous with the earth and its aromas at its core. Vetiver, patchouli and cedar woods provide the top and middle notes with base notes of amber labdanum, oak musk, galbanum and resins.


Bath Oil- 200ml A luxurious combination of natural oils: avocado, olive and castor seed with the spices and musk of the amber perfume. The oil dissolves well in the water, moisturises the skin and fills the room with the exotic aroma.

Boxed Gift Set – Shampoo, Shower Gel and Body Cream 100ml Rich, warm and spicy. Shampoo available in Ortigia’s exclusive Sicilian scents.
Spicy and warm Amber body wash. Translucent and jewel-toned, the gel foams in the bath and lathers in the shower for everyday indulgence.
Enriched with olive oil and lanolin, this highly perfumed cream sinks deep into the skin with the warm and rich essence of Aber and spice. No parabens or additives.

Eau De Parfume- 100ml & 30mlResin and spice wood, an amber base of labdanum, oak musk, galbanum and amber resin. Rich and warm.

Glycerine Soap Bars of pure vegetable glycerine soap, wonderfully translucent, naturally coloured and generously perfumed with the musky essence of amber.
(available in 40g single boxed set and boxed set of 4 x 40g and boxed set of 4 x 100g)

Hand Cream 80ml A thick protective cream with olive oil and lanolin and the exotic warm amber perfume. The tube is perfect for handbags.

Perfume Roll On- 10 mls A precious glass bottle – the size of you small finger – is filled with perfumed oil and fitted with a roller-ball top. Perfect for popping in your handbag to carry Ortigia’s exotic scents with you wherever you go.The natural coconut oil base ensures a wonderful feeling on the skin.

Room Essence 100ml An aromatic spray for the home. Spritz into the air, on fabrics, linens and textiles to infuse the room with the musky essence of amber and spice.

Scented Crystals Glittery nuggets of natural Gum Arabica infused with rich and musky amber perfume.
A contemporary take on traditional potpourri.

Additional Information

Weight .600 kg
Dimensions .5 x .5 x .5 cm

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