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Beanbags for outdoor Euphoria


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Product Description

New Euphoria Beanbags are designed to be used either inside or out.  They include a carry handle and side pocket that provides ideal storage for magazines, hand held devices, sunglasses etc.

The high back support gives you a more upright feel and can be easily influenced by using either more or less beans depending on how upright & the shape of beanbag you desire.

The Euphoria chair shape makes standing, sitting & accessing a drink a breeze.

The  contempory beanbags are hand-made using a high quality woven outdoor polyester fabric that is ultra durable & easily cleaned. The beanbag shell is also supported by a PVC underlay that not only makes the beanbag waterproof it also ensures the beanbag holds a stylish shape. All these beanbags come with an interior liner that makes life a little easier when it comes to both filling & cleaning.

The COMFORT  stems from the quality woven fabric & the different contemporary designs to suit each individuals needs. The fact you can fill the beanbags to your own preferred feel ensures that your beanbag suits the most important person being you.


How many beans should I put in my  Beanbag?

- It really comes down to personal choice how firm you like your Beanbag.

Recommendation guide:

  • Euphoria  300-350 Litres
  • Lazy Days  300-400 Litres
  • Plus +1  600-700 Litres

I can’t open my zip, as it has no zip tag?

- To meet Australian safety standards it’s a requirement to ensure Zip tags are removed

- To open these zips you need to attach a paper clip or safety pin & then remove once you have filled with Beans

- DO NOT force with pliers as the zip mechanism is designed not to reverse without using a paper clip or safety pin

Are the Outdoor Beanbags Waterproof?

- Yes.  The Beanbags have a strong PVC backing behind the quality fabric to keep the water from the Polystyrene Beans

- Please note that the Beanbags are NOT a flotation device & NOT designed to be used in pools

Do the Beanbags come with a removable liner?

- Yes all of the Beanbags come with Liners

- The Liners also comply to the Australian Safety Standards



Additional Information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 370 x 120 x 325 cm

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