Table Mat Curve


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Product Description

Leather mat in organic design

Reactions have been many on this new and modern mini placemat. We think the reason must be the fact, that our leather mat combines several unique elements. First, our signature curve, which has a dynamic and free form, that brings your home decor to life.

Sustainable and Danish design

Second, we use a unique type of recycled leather, which is water resistant, durable, easy to clean and, on top of everything, sustainable all the way through. These two elements ensure that our TABLEMAT CURVE is something quite special, and an optimal solution for the coffee table or as functional decoration. Whether it’s the breakfast table that’s in need of a stylish touch, or its your window decoration that could benefit with a touch of leather, our TABLEMAT CURVE is an excellent choice. Only your imagination sets the limits for the use of TABLEMAT CURVE. Durable and water repellent and easy to clean with a water cloth and window spray.

Additional Information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 24 x 28 x 2 cm

Pastel Green


Small, Large