Balad & Mooon Outdoor Cordless Lighting


FRITH Barwon Heads is an Australian stockist for the exclusive French design company ‘Fermob’. Originally producing Outdoor furniture, Fermob are known for their colourful, design-driven, modern furniture that can be found in gardens, parks, and patios all over the world.

In keeping with their bold and ambitious designs, Fermob have now produced a wonderful range of indoor and outdoor portable lighting that boasts sustainable, environmental-friendly practices benefiting the planet and all the people using Fermob products. FRITH Barwon Heads stocks this classic lighting designer brand, which is clever with a twist and takes lighting design into the future and beyond.

Throughout the manufacturing process, the furniture and lighting is made from premium and recycled materials, along with eco-design techniques to ensure a quality product that will last for years to come. Fermob uses steel and aluminium for almost all its product with 98% of those metals being recycled.

Fermob has produced an outstanding indoor, outdoor collection of portable, cordless lighting solutions. The lighting is attractive and durable combining stunning designs with practical application.
The Balad and Mooon Lights from Fermob’s latest lighting range are available exclusively at FRITH Barwon Heads. These indoor or outdoor lights showcase simplicity with a contemporary design focus. The product’s clean lines and large selection of colours will fit within any home and outdoor design palette.

These portable, cordless, lighting products are the take anywhere lighting solution that combines LED technology with modern product design and beauty. Importantly these lights are not heavy and very easy to carry from one lighting location to another.

Balad lighting by Fermob in stock at FRITH Barwon Heads

Available online or in store at FRITH Barwon Heads. Fermob’s Balad light is fun, modern and versatile. LED technology delivers portable lighting that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Practical, mobile, design-inspired and colourful. Balad portable lights are a reliable contemporary product at a reasonable price point. They come in a range of colours with a cleverly designed Aluminium handle for easy carrying of the portable light. Like a lantern light, the Balad can stand upright, it can be hung or placed on a stand. This is a portable outdoor light or a portable indoor light that can be used anywhere that needs light.

Balad portable LED lamps can be used to create mood lighting in any space. Use as matching bedroom lamps, in the bathroom or in the lounge room, or even take them on holiday, or keep one handy in the car. The Balad light can be used on the table for extra illumination or for your project lighting needs. Use it to create a magical light and atmosphere around the garden, or for additional terrace lighting, or even on the beach. They can be taken camping or glamping, or used for caravan lighting or outside lighting when entertaining friends. Hang them from the trees like lanterns. Any place that needs light is where the Balad lamp will be a useful, practical, portable and attractive lighting solution.

They are offered in three different sized metal stands; allowing a custom fit for your indoor outdoor lighting needs. Light up your nights and enhance your indoor outdoor experience. From floor and table lamps to hanging lamps, all Fermob lighting is 100% outdoor guaranteed.

For an inexpensive designer lighting experience; Fermob lighting is powered by LED rechargeable batteries that feature a 12-14 hour battery life. Wireless LED or plug options are also available. Fermob’s Balad H25 model lights up any setting with two lighting levels: intense lighting to read or eat by or soft atmospheric lighting.

FRITH Australian stockist for Mooon lighting by Fermob

The design of this beautiful ball lamp is so simple, chic and very versatile. Fermob quotes its’ inspiration for these portable lamps as coming from the street lamp designs of 19th century Paris. They are like a Moon on a stick. The Mooon lamp is minimalist in design and integrates into any contemporary interior or offers a unique portable and different lighting solution for indoor and outdoor spaces. Great for a portable reading lamp! These portable lamps, can be moved from room to room with ease, they can be taken outside or to any place that needs and additional lamp or light source. The Mooon light is a cordless light equipped with LED technology. It also comes with adjustable lighting temperatures cool and warm and a dimming function that allows the light to fade gradually.

There are floor lamps and table lamps in this range. Choose a wonderful colour for your new portable cordless light from Femobs’ seasonal range and bring an extra dimension of lighting pizazz into the great outdoors or your home.

FRITH Barwon Heads supports and stocks products that feature quality design, innovation, practical application, durability and respect for the environment.