Our ever popular, elegant French Fedora hat by Travaux en Cours is a must-have accessory for so many reasons; not only are they classic & stylish, available in 28 on trend colours, but they are designed in France, made in Italy, also unisex and they fold to travel. Any wonder they remain one of our most popular brands. The range also includes winter felt hats. Everyone loves them!

Designed in St. Tropez (France)
Made in Italy
Have more 30 colours
Leather strap
Made of a combination of paper and polyester – so conveniently fold for travel.
Perfect in coastal areas.
Size 56 and 58 are the average sizes – 54 is small and 60 is large. If you have any specific orders for 54 or 60 we do have some in stock.
These are one of Oprah’s fav accessories!
And Princess Charlotte of Monaco gets one every summer!!

NOTE: As made of paper and polyester you can not get it wet or spot cleaned – Colour will bleed.