Fico d’India The most loved and popular Ortigia Perfume is described as a scent reminiscent of powdery fig and cedar. The famous exotic Fico d’India fragrance is made using the giant cactus with vibrant orange flowers growing wild all around Sicily. Initially it’s a green and cool and fresh perfume. Behind the greenness of the perfume is a creamy vanilla warmth and a powdery fig and cedar that balances to create this sophisticated and unusual perfume.

The freshness of Fico d’India in the Ortigia range gives it a lightness of being. Spray on this light and playful perfume for summer days and nights to remember. The scent is ’ gender fluid’- for men or women. If you want to linger in people’s memories and get lots of compliments this is the fragrance for you.

This is a memorable and signature scent available in eau de parfume, skincare and home fragrances, such as bath salts, bath oils and candles. The fabulous wildcat leopard perfume bottle is a collector’s piece and will add that exotic touch to your dresser or bathroom cabinet.

Take it home or give this beautifully packaged and luxury gift to him or her.