Ambre Nera  Share this Ortigia perfume with each other, get caught up together, wrap yourselves in this musky, heady fragrance. The scent is rich and warm, the colour of golden amber. Unisex, this scent is for him and her.

An enigmatic unisex fragrance ‘Ambre Nera’ by Ortigia evokes the mystery of amber resins dripping down the bark of forest trees. Blended from natural ingredients sourced and inspired from the Sicilian fields and forests. This is a wonderful, aromatic and spicy, musky fragrance containing mysterious extracts from exotic trees such as cedar and patchouli, fused on top of an exotic base of amber, labdanum, oak moss, galbanum and resins. Ambre Nera is available in many applications and sizes including purse size roll on perfumes.

If you prefer a mysterious, evocative perfume that wraps itself around you with a lingering sweetness that evokes the captivating, vibrant scent of Sicily; this perfume Ambre Nera by Ortigia is the fragrance for you.