Simple, fresh and full of life Ortigia is a really special and naturally exotic perfume brand. The combination of Italian finesse and the Sicilian way of life combine to produce the magic of simple sophistication in a fragrance that tells your story.

Stand out with your own signature scent by Ortigia. Choosing a new fragrance is fun and exciting. It becomes a statement to fit our personality and style and our mood.

A fragrance can be light and playful, sweet or sensual, bold or subtle. Perfume tells a story. The wonderful aspect of perfume is that it is truly individual and unique for each person who wears it. In wearing fragrance we create our own signature scent. 

The Ortigia range of perfumes are made by the Italian master perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi. The ingredients are distilled from organic wild flowers on top of a natural base of olive oils and vegetable glycerine. The fragrances are naturally scented, paraben and alcohol free. They are not tested on animals, and don’t contain silicon. 

Ortigia is simple and fresh, full of life and definitely a wonderful and unique perfume to wear. 

The simply stunning Ortigia packaging is inspired to celebrate the colours and the history, the landscapes and gardens of Sicily. No need to gift wrap;  Oritgia packaging is arty, fun and special, created with luxury giving in mind.  

Luxurious soap and gift sets; handbag skincare and perfume minatures for travel are available to purchase in Australia at Frith Barwon Heads. Shop online or in store for exotic fragrances by Ortigia that come in eau de par fume, perfume roll ons, liquid soaps, gift sets, luxurious body creams, and hand creams enriched with olive oil. Also find sumptuous shower gels, room essence, candles, bath salts and room diffusers. It’s a a beautiful and exclusive range that we are proud to stock at Frith Barwon Heads.

One of Ortigia’s unique qualities is that the fragrances are available to both men and woman! It’s a uni-sex perfume! Great for wearing and for that  special and unique quality gift for him or her! They are reasonably priced  starting from $39!

Choosing a new fragrance is fun and exciting, it becomes a statement of our personality style and mood. To help you find your signature scent from Ortigia; select the perfume category you like and match it to your individual style. 

Ortigia is a small Italian soap and scent company founded in Sicily in 2006 by Sue Townsend.  The luxurious range of soaps, scents, creams, candles, and lotions are formulated using natural products indigenous to Sicily and inspired by the aesthetics, colors, and scents of Italy’s most historic and tropical region.  The highly decorative packaging is designed by Sue and draws on exotic Sicilian images and colors.   No SLS, nickel or silicone;  products are not tested on animals.  Paraben-free, the range uses traditional products with modern ethics and integrity

Citrus Perfume Category

Zagara in the Ortigia range is – a rich citrus scent reminiscent of the orange blossoms of Sicily. Choose this fragrance if you enjoy a tangy and spritzy scent that radiates with energy and freshness. Zagara from the Ortigia range is distilled from the flowers of the orange trees with neroli petitgrain and a woody base. Shop Zagara »

Woody Perfume category

Fico D’ India is another signature scent in the Ortigia range. It is produced from the from the wild cacti’s growing  across Sicilian hills and meadows .The Ortigia Sicilia Fico D’India scent produces notes of fig and cedar. It is a subtle perfume that has a resilient base and a pretty finish.

Produced from the cactus plant, sometimes called prickly pear; Fico D’India can also be eaten. The cactus fruit has been described as sweet sticky like watermelon and a bit prickly at times! This is a more masculine scent with a musky powdery finish. Shop Fico d’India »

Fruity Perfume category

Sicilan Lime (available in roll on perfume only).  A rich aromatic lime wood, flowers and oil from the scented lime tree.  A classic Sicilianscent: Fresh and young yet complex.

Spicy Perfume category

Ambra Nera is like walking through a forest. The fragrant resin & spice woods over an amber base of labdanum, oak musk and galbanum, with vetiver and patchouli. A deeply rich and warm scent. This is a heady perfume that can transport you to the deep and exotic and mysterious spicy lands. Shop Ambre Nera »

Floral perfume category

Florio conjours the scent of early spring when the wild flowers of Sicily show their pretty faces. Narcissus, Passiflora and Wild Iris all play their part in this soft and delicate floral perfume. Florio with its floral finish is the most versatile of the perfumes and has the most distinctive flowery scent.Wear it anywhere; the floral notes have charm and romance they are subtle and sweet. Shop Florio »

The perfume roll on by Ortigia makes a great gift and is a good way to start your perfume journey. Men and woman can wear this fragrance. It’s a uni-sex perfume! 

We are proud to be the exclusive stockist for Ortigia. It’s a high quality, naturally beautiful European Perfume brand. Shop now at Frith and smell even better that you do now!