Missoni is an Italian fashion house founded in 1953 by Ottavio and Rosita Missoni. Originally focused on knitwear, Missoni is well known for their brightly coloured zigzag designs of the 1970s. Since expanding into interior design, the company has lent their high quality weaving techniques to creating fabrics of intricate patterns, bold colours and diverse textures.

There is an entire new collection each year; this company does not rest on its laurels, does not stagnate …ever. Each collection builds on and enhances the one before while also exploring new directions and attitudes. Part of this magic is that they are a multi-disciplinary textile house; they actually choose production techniques that best serve the design and pattern. If they want a watercolour effect, they will do a digital print. If they want wonderful textural elements they will make a technically wizardous jacquard design. They produce textiles that are a visceral as well as a visual feast.

FRITH continually stocks the Missoni Bath range consisting of Bathmats, Bathtowels, Bathsheets, Handtowels and soon in store Face washes.  A range of Beach towels is also available in store for that special someone who has everything.  Other MissoniHome products can be ordered with a lead time of 8 – 12 weeks due to the products coming direct from Italy.