Florio by Ortigia is made from the flowers picked from the wild hills in Sicily. Inspired by springtime, blue skies and carpets of wildflowers painting the hillsides and gardens; Florio perfume is created from these fragrant flowers and courtesies to reveal a delicate soft and feminine scent. It’s lightly floral, subtle like the first hints of spring. The scents of Narcissus, Passiflora and Wild Iris play together to create of soft and delicate floral scent that is fresh and light; reminiscent of a perfect spring day.

Florio fragrances are available in eau de parfume, soap gift box sets, liquid soaps, scented candles, and fragrance diffusers for the home. Shop in store at Frith Barwon Heads or online for your favourite Ortigia perfume or scented Ortigia product from Sicily. Frith Barwon Heads stocks Ortigia exclusively in Australia.

These wonderful scented products for the home and body by Ortigia, are produced by Master Italian Perfumers- a blend of Italian style and Sicilian magic  produces a standout collection of pure and exotic fragrances for both men and women.

Scents by Ortigia are an accessible luxury European gift. Reasonably priced, Ortigia is appreciated for sophistication, quality fragrance and beautiful packaging.